A plan to improve roadways and expand mass transitóeasing congestion in the central Puget Sound region


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The North Corridor extends from Arlington in the north to Shoreline in the south, and from Mukilteo in the west to Monroe in the east.

Public comments and transportation studies have made it clear that this region lacks sufficient connections to transit options, and has clogged highways, aging bridges, and other urgent transportation needs.

From 1990 to 2000, Snohomish Countyís population grew by more than 30 percentóthe fastest in the central Puget Sound region. About 35 percent of Snohomish Countyís 300,000 workers commute to jobs outside of the county every day.

The Roads & Transit plan builds on investments currently underway in the North Corridor to tackle the worst traffic chokepoints by connecting the busiest population and job centers with road and transit investments.

The plan would:

  • improve the I-5 corridor between Mill Creek and Marysville
  • reconfigure the US 2/SR 204 interchange at the US 2 Trestle
  • expand SR 9, SR 522, and SR 524
  • build over a thousand new Park and Ride slots including new parking garages for commuter rail riders
  • connect Snohomish County to the regional light-rail system with new service at 164th Street SW, Alderwood, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline, Northgate, Roosevelt and the UW.

The projects proposed for the North Corridor, and the benefits they provide, are described below.

The Roads & Transit plan, developed with input from thousands of citizens, civic leaders, and communities, and based on years of engineering and design work, is our opportunity to do things differently, on a scale that matches the traffic problems we face.

What is proposed for the north corridor?

Transit improvements

Light Rail Extension: Provides fast, reliable transit connection in the regionís most crowded corridor, connecting Snohomish County and Lynnwood with Sound Transitís first-phase light-rail system between the University of Washington and Sea-Tac Airport, with service between Lynnwood and Seattle in just 28 minutes.

Future Light Rail: Funds a planning study to extend light rail from 164th Street SW to Everett in the next phase.

Bus Rapid Transit/SR 99 Shoreline: Widens the SR 99 Bridge where it crosses SR 104 at the Shoreline/Edmonds city line from four lanes to seven lanes and provides a center median and sidewalks. Improves reliability of bus rapid transit (BRT) system along the SR 99 corridor to relieve congestion.

Sounder Parking Garage at Mukilteo: Builds new parking garage for more capacity and easier connection to Sounder commuter rail service. Integrates with ferry service and supports downtown/waterfront redevelopment.

New Sounder Station at Edmonds: Helps develop additional 300 parking slots and new rail station/ferry terminal for easier connection to Sounder commuter rail service and ferry service. Supports downtown Edmonds and waterfront redevelopment.

Community Transit Improvements: Builds park-and-ride lots with 990 new parking slots along heavily traveled SR 9, US 2 and I-5 to relieve congestion. Adds buses and vans to Community Transitís fleet for bus improvements in Snohomish County, particularly along SR 9.

Road improvements

I-5 Improvement Project: I-5/128th Street (SR 96) SW/SE would reconstruct interchange, phase 1; I-5 south Everett interchange improvements (Everett Mall Way Ė 100th St. SE phase 1 and phase 2 HOV access); I-5/41st Street interchange South Broadway/SB I-5 on-ramp bridge; I-5/116th Street NE interchangeI-5/88th Street NE interchange88th Street corridor improvements (Marysville) widening.

US 2 Improvement Project: Alleviates chokepoints and improves safety by adding capacity to access points and interchanges and completing the first phase of the Monroe bypass. Contingency scope to include Monroe bypass/US 2 improvements phase 2 and US 2/Bickford interchange.

SR 9 Improvement Project: Widens SR 9 between Clearview and Marysville, improves intersections, builds Park and Ride lots, and replaces the bridge over Snohomish River.

SR 522 Improvement Project: Completes the missing link for a four-lane, median divided highway between I-405 and Monroe, including a new interchange at Paradise Lake Road, which will improve mobility and safety on this important state highway corridor.

I-5 Corridor: Addresses key interchange chokepoints to improve traffic flow at US 2, 128th Street Southwest, Everett Mall Way, 100th Street Southeast, 116th Street Northeast, 88th Street Northeast, and at 41st Street/South Broadway.

SR 524 Improvement Project: Widens SR 524 from two to four/five lanes with bicycle lanes, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Improves safety and capacity between I-5 and SR 527 while reducing congestion on other east/west routes in south Snohomish County.

SR 531 Improvement Project: Widens SR 531 to SR 9 in Arlington, including bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and a center turn lane.

SR 104/Edmonds Ferry: Integrates ferry, commuter and intercity rail, bus, carpool, car, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic into single complex. Relocates ferry terminal and realigns SR 104 to separate trains from traffic. Increases safety and decreases queue.

39th Ave. SE/35th Ave. SE Improvement Project: Would build missing link from 228th Street SE to 240th Street SE, and widen road from 39th/35th Avenue SE from 228th St. SE to Seattle Hill Road.

Transit and Multi-modal Improvement Project: Edmonds Crossing (SR 104) multi-modal terminal, ferry and transit. Bus and van fleet expansion. Would build new park & ride facilities in the north county and on SR 9.

Construction Mitigation Program: Eases traffic and provides travel alternatives during construction periods.